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Ultimate Guide to Wedding Favours

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Wedding favours are delightful, creative, thoughtful gifts given to guests at weddings as a token of appreciation from the newlyweds.

These little keepsakes are not only a way to express gratitude to the guests but also serve as a memorable reminder of the special day. Among the myriad of options available, miniature bottles of gin have gained popularity as the ideal wedding favour, epitomising a blend of sophistication and Irish tradition that allows your guests to have a drink on you, either as part of the toast or maybe later at home.

Historical Perspective:

The tradition of giving wedding favours has a rich and diverse history, dating back to the 16th century. The early iterations of wedding favours were known as “bonbonnieres,” usually small, ornate boxes filled with confections or sugared almonds, symbolising happiness, wealth, health, fertility, and longevity. These sweet tokens were initially reserved for the aristocracy but gradually evolved and became an integral part of weddings across different cultures and social strata.

Who gets Wedding Favours?

Traditionally, every guest attending the wedding should receive a wedding favour. It serves as a warm and gracious way to acknowledge their presence and thank them for being a part of the couple’s journey. However, while the tradition stipulates gifts for each guest, some couples opt to bestow special favours upon immediate family members and the bridal party, primarily as a gesture of heightened appreciation for their enduring support and invaluable contributions to the unfolding wedding celebrations.

Why Are Wedding Favours Given?

Wedding favours serve multiple purposes. They are a symbol of gratitude, allowing the couple to express their thanks to guests for attending their celebration. In addition, they serve to furnish guests with a tangible memory, a lasting memento of the wedding day. These little gifts reflect the couple’s personalities, tastes, and sometimes even their cultural or familial backgrounds, allowing guests to share in the uniqueness of the couple’s union.

Wedding Celebration Toast

When it comes to selecting the ideal wedding favour, Muckross Wild Irish Gin minis have emerged as a contemporary favourite. Our gin, infused with exquisite botanicals and meticulously crafted, embodies Irish heritage and tradition.

Distinctive Flavour Profile:
Our gin, with its distinctive blend of ten botanicals, is a unique and delightful gift renowned for its unique flavour.

Elegant Presentation:
The elegantly designed bottles are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, allowing guests to enjoy the sublime spirit at their leisure.

Versatile Pairing:
Our Gin pairs wonderfully with various mixers and garnishes, offering guests the opportunity to experiment and find their preferred concoction. Have a look at our perfect serve for inspiration.

Budgeting for Wedding Favours:

Deciding on wedding favour budgets is personal and depends on the couple’s financial plan and tastes. Typically, and as a general rule of thumb, couples designate approximately 1-2% of their cumulative budget to wedding favours. In this context, it’s sagacious to choose a favour that is both meaningful and economical. Choosing our Gin minis allows couples to give elegant, tasteful favours without extravagant costs, especially if purchased at discounted rates.

The tradition of giving wedding favours is a timeless one, a beautiful practice of extending gratitude and sharing joy. With exquisite taste and elegance, our mini gin bottles offer a sophisticated and memorable token of appreciation or if you are feeling more generous, our Muckross Wild Irish Gin Gift Set makes a great present for the bridal party.

Muckross Irish Gin Min Bottle

“I had these for favours at my wedding last month and our guests loved them! The baby gins are packaged really nicely so looked good on the tables. Added to making our day special.”  – Gráinne

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